Bhooshan’s Junior - Game Developement Company in Kerala

Bhooshan's Junior is the best game development company in Kochi, Kerala. Our experienced game developers specialize in creating top-quality casual games for kids. Our innovative, high-quality hyper-casual games are designed to entertain players for hours. With a passionate team of game developers and cutting-edge technology, we bring the best gaming experience. Dive into immersive worlds, conquer challenging quests, and connect with a vibrant online community. Download our casual games on the Play Store and Amazon App Store.


"Jhoom Baja Le" is a hyper casual mobile game that immerses players in a world of musical challenges. This game revolves around the concept of music notes and tests players timing, hand-eye coordination and accuracy in tapping along to the beat. In "Jhoom Baja Le," players are presented with a vibrant and visually appealing interface that features a range of musical notes. The objective is to tap the falling notes as they appear on the screen. The gameplay of "Jhoom Baja Le" consists of two main modes: Beat the Rhythm and Speed game. "Jhoom Baja Le" provides an immersive audiovisual experience, with stunning visuals synchronized to the music, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere for players. With its combination of rhythmic gameplay, time-based challenges, and limited chances, this mobile game promises an addictive and enjoyable musical adventure for players of all ages and skill levels.

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Get ready for a festive adventure like no other in "JINGLE FLAPS" – a casual game that brings the holiday spirit to your fingertips! Join Santa Claus on his sleigh as he embarks on a thrilling journey through a winter wonderland filled with decorated trees, snowy landscapes, and holiday decorations.

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