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Bhooshan's Junior is a Kerala-based leading comics publishing company that ignites a love for reading in children. Our debut comic series, Jhoom Tara Ra Ra, is a fun adventure story available in English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Our comics focus on fun and engaging stories that entertain young ones. We aim to inspire kids and instill a love for reading by using colorful, cartoon-like illustrations that appeal to children. We’ve taken a unique approach by offering comics digitally through a free online website, Bhooshan's Junior Comix. On this platform, everyone can read our webcomics in Hindi, Malayalam, and English, as well as enjoy audio comics for free. Jhoom Tara Ra Ra is also available on Webtoon, Tapas, Global Comix, and other major webcomic reading platforms.

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“Jhoom Tara Ra Ra" takes young viewers on an extraordinary journey with four adorable ducks named Jhoom, Tara, Raj, and Ram, and their coach Joey. Together, they embark on a quest to become the world's greatest musical band, while facing the cunning and mischievous antics of their rivals, Jaalu and Karni. This series is a symphony of adventure, humour, and valuable life lessons, all wrapped up in a colourful and entertaining package. Together they will guides us to emphasises the importance of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance, making "JTRR" not just an entertaining show but also an educational one.

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"Jhoom Tara Ra Ra" is an enchanting audio comics series that invites young viewers on an extraordinary adventure with four lovable ducks: Jhoom, Tara, Raj, and Ram, alongside their mentor, Coach Joey. More than just entertainment, "Jhoom Tara Ra Ra" is an educational gem. Available in three languages - Malayalam, English, and Hindi - on YouTube, it offers a wholesome experience that sparks creativity, fosters teamwork, and instills essential life values in children.Join the musical journey and let the ducks of "JTRR" inspire your young ones to reach for the stars.

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