Introducing India's first Kids Tech-Tainment Company! We combine technology with entertainment for kids! We are one of the top pioneering digital entertainment start-up company based in Kochi, Kerala, India; that is focused on revitalising the kids’ entertainment segment by introducing Indian iconic animated IP characters. Based on these intellectual properties, we are producing comics, cartoon series, rhymes and music for children, character centric gaming products, Ott streaming platform, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality products, Licensing and Merchandising products, technology-enabled interactive toys for children. Our mission is to become a one-stop solution for kids' entertainment by the year 2026. With a deep understanding of kids' preferences and interests, we strive to provide a unique and engaging experience that both kids and parents will love. Join us in creating a world of imagination and fun for the little ones!


"When I left my job in 2013 and started a company that specializes in service projects for animation and kids entertainment companies, I became aware of the challenges faced by the Indian kids entertainment sector. My co-founder, who was the head of an Indian Kids TV channel, was already facing criticism from parents regarding the quality of entertainment being provided. Our collaboration provided the ideal solution to these problems. We discovered that the content being offered to Indian kids lacked quality and didn't cater to their specific needs. They couldn't relate to the stories being told, and they were forced to accept whatever was available.

This understanding motivated us to revitalize the Indian kids’ entertainment sector by creating a new set of iconic animated characters that resonated with Indian children. We aimed to utilize these characters to develop interactive technology enabled entertainment products that would inspire and delight kids of all ages.

I first met my co-founder, Mr. Joseph Panikulam , in 2015 when I was pitching my cartoon series to a kids' entertainment channel. He was the channel head at the time, and we immediately hit it off. Although the channel ultimately passed on my series and couldn't proceed with the project, we maintained contact over the years. We continued discussing the industry's challenges and my proposed solutions. Eventually, we realized that we both shared a passion for entrepreneurship. We made the decision to join forces and establish our own product-based company, leveraging our respective skills and experiences to build a successful entertainment business.

Looking back, I am grateful for the opportunity to have met my co-founder through that chance encounter. I believe that our shared passion for creativity and entrepreneurship has been a crucial driving force behind our success.

Sarath Bhooshan
Founder & CEO